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Autor:  valju [ Mar Sep 06, 2022 2:23 pm ]
Asunto:  The Cult Classic Halloween Horror Film TRICK R TREAT is Comi

The Cult Classic Halloween Odio Film TRICK R TREAT is Coming To Theaters For The First Time!

Ive got some exciting news for all of you odio movie lovers out there! If youre a fan of the cult classic 2007 Halloween film Trick R Treat , this fall , youll finally be able to watch it in theaters on the big screen! This movie has never had a wide theatrical release , so this will be the first time!I actually had the opportunity years ago to attend a theatrical screening of the film for a Halloween event and it was an awesome experience! Im excited that I have the opportunity to watch it on the big screen again and , of course , excited for all of you who have never had the opportunity! The news was originally posted by Twitter user *** , who shared a post about Regals October lineup , which included Trick R Treat , The Lost Boys , Scream 2 , and Halloween . WB Classic ( *** ) then shared that users tweet with the caption , "The cats out of the bag! Trick r Treat is coming to


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